Unified Payment

A mobile wallet payment acceptance solution; Get onboard with the future of mobile cashless payments with ease.

Comprehensive Payment Acceptance Products

Fit for all types of businesses as it is equipped with the ability to select preferred payment methods; everything made accessible and complete for seamless business transactions.

Single Point of Integration

A singular connection that readily accepts payments from major local & cross-border mobile wallets.

Single Management Portal

All-inclusive management views which manages multiple products and e-wallets within a single dashboard.

Mobile Wallet Payment Acceptance

Products Fit For All Businesses


Equips you with the right products according to your business needs through Unified Payments. This allows you to choose from 4 carefully designed payment acceptance products to conduct mobile wallet transactions in ultimate convenience.

Unified QR code

Display one static QR code, accept ALL major mobile wallets

Merchant Mobile App

A singular mobile app that accepts ALL major mobile wallets.

Merchant Terminal

A smart terminal that accepts ALL major mobile wallets.

POS System

A one-time integration of your existing POS system, allowing it to accept ALL major mobile wallets.

[Open APIs readily available]


You too can offer your merchants a simple start to accepting mobile wallet payments with our
"Fintech as a Service" (FaaS)
"Fintech as a Service" (FaaS)
A comprehensive and dynamic white labelled payment solution that consolidates all 4 payment acceptance products into 1 single backend management!