Provides your social media accounts the ability to host custom loyalty programmes – WeChat Official Account and Facebook Page Messenger at the ready!

Loyalty Points & Rewards

Builds a loyalty scheme to reward loyal customers.


Designs campaigns to further reward your customers on special occasions such as birthdays or festive seasons.


Ability to create your own or import a third-party voucher to your catalogue.

Membership Tiers

Multi-tiered memberships to cater to your business needs.

Real-time engagement with your customers!

With the help of our specially designed web app, customers are able to collect points, download and redeem vouchers in real-time.

We are the Future. Will you be a part of it?

Take full control of your loyalty programme with the latest technology.

With our admin panel, you are now able to set up and manage your loyalty programme on both social media platforms with a singular editing feature alongside real-time previews.

Our custom Merchant App allows you to register members, reward points or give out vouchers to your in-store customers in a seamless offline-to-online experience.